"I have never seen anything quite like this"
These are common words uttered by the fans across the world for Toybox America's Favorite Cartoon Witch.
Toybox blends stand up comedy, deft character acting, storytelling and puppetry for one unique performance. His work runs the gamut of emotions but will always leave you in tears! Toybox Theatre is a multi-award winning company, performing for audiences of all ages for 20 years. Awards include: Fan Favorite and Best Performance at the National Puppetry Festival, funding from The Jim Henson Foundation, and an UNIMA Citation for Excellence in The Art of Puppetry, the highest award given in the field.

Venue Details
Le Chat Noir Theatre
304 8th Street, Augusta, GA, 30901, United States
Le Chat Noir (The Black Cat) is an intimate 60-100 seat theatre with attached lobby and full service bar that echoes a 19th century cabaret after one too many absinthes. Like it’s namesake, Le Chat Noir exists to produce and present entertainment to the CSRA that was previously not being offered.